Practice Management: Risk & Compliance

At your request

English courts take care over ‘letters of request’ for potential witnesses by foreign courts. Paul Friedman and Helen Rowlands discuss Daric Smith v Philli

14 Jul 2006

Family case briefing

The court in K v K has adopted a welcome, modern approach to the impact of cohabitation on a husband’s liability to maintain his ex-wife, says Jan

14 Jul 2006

Update: landlord and tenant - part 1

In the first of two articles, Norman Joss and Nick Grundy discuss leases and licences, secure tenancies, housing and human rights and ren

23 Jun 2006

Trend tracker: Taming e-mail

The next generation of intelligent e-mail management systems has some nifty new tricks up its sleeve that go beyond compliance and corporate governance. By

07 Sep 2005

Kimbells converts to LLP status

In a move to enhance the delivery of its legal services, Milton Keynes based commercial law firm, Kimbells, has announced that as of 1 May 2002, it has con

23 May 2002

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