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Standish: Principle over discretion

Standish: Principle over discretion

The Court of Appeal in the recent divorce case of Standish v Standish concluded that Moor J, arguably the doyen of the money judges, got it significantly wrong. He awarded the wife £45m under the sharing principle. This was £20m or 45% too great


Practice Notes

What I wear matters. It really does

What I wear matters. It really does

Why? Because no matter what your legal niche, we’re all in the business of relating to people. To do that, I need to feel comfortable and I need my clients to feel comfortable too



SJ Interview

SJ Interview: James Hartley

SJ Interview: James Hartley

James Hartley had an ‘out of body experience’ watching the actor John Hollingworth play him in the ITV drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office. A Partner and National Head of Dispute Resolution at Freeths, James speaks to the Solicitors Journal about the Post Office case, what adequate justice would look like for those impacted, and the reforms that he would like to see as a result of the scandal.