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How the light gets in

In our November 2022 Foreword, Chaynee Hodgetts considers a new season…

25 Oct 2022

SJ Interview

SJ interview: Dave Fendem

Chaynee Hodgetts talks to Dave Fendem, barrister and author of Dirty Briefs

28 Nov 2022


Scots insolvency law

Nicola Ross reviews the risks in Scotland’s insolvency laws

04 Dec 2022

Litigation misconduct in family law

Victoria Spencer considers the risks of litigation misconduct in Family Court cases

02 Dec 2022

Women’s Health Strategy: only the beginning

Gemma Davison reviews recent the public policy purview on women

30 Nov 2022

Costs: contentious or non-contentious business?

Nick McDonnell reviews the latest case law on costs

30 Nov 2022


Navigating Singapore’s fintech and crypto regulations

Chia-Ling Koh and Norvin Chan present pitfalls fintech businesses should be aware of when

15 Nov 2022

Australia: legislative reform in family provision claims

Imogen de Haro reviews new changes and restrictions over family provision claims in New South Wales

11 Nov 2022


Divorce: the new vintage

Phoebe Pexton considers wine as an asset in marital property

30 Nov 2022

One for all: SRA regulation for staff

Richard Fox, Jessica Clay and Lucinda Soon review the SRA’s approach to non-solicitor

30 Nov 2022

Does prison still work?

Dr Peter Pratt shines a light on sex offender treatment that increased the risk of reconviction and

29 Nov 2022

The Paper Determinations Pilot

Tony Guise considers the latest civil justice reform

28 Nov 2022