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Advice for the festive season

December 2022's foreword

01 Dec 2022

SJ Interview

SJ interview: Simon Csoka KC and Marc King

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Simon Csoka KC and Marc King of Libertas Chambers

12 Dec 2022


Criminal damage and protest law

Professor Thomas Lewis examines the effect of the Colston Four case

25 Jan 2023

DIY divorce: gone too far

Tracey O’Dwyer looks at the role of lawyers in divorce today

20 Jan 2023

Small claim mediation: not a tick-box exercise

Simon Garrod examines the benefits of mediation in small claims

19 Jan 2023

Twitter and Meta: tech company redundancies

Florence Brocklesby examines retention and the law in the social media sector

17 Jan 2023


Brand, opportunity and trust: the best antidote for the Big Quit of 2023

Travis Schultz argues leadership, promoting growth and trust within firms are key for staff

16 Jan 2023

Doing business in India: sector-specific challenges and takeaways

Devina Narvekar gives an insightful overview of the business landscape in India

16 Jan 2023


Dinosaurs and dancing elephants: better business performance

Chris Marston reviews how firms can optimise personnel in practice

03 Jan 2023

Revelations from the Civil Justice Council National Forum

Tony Guise shares the latest insights in civil justice from the CJC National Forum

17 Dec 2022

Hands, face, alcohol trace: hair dye, hand sanitiser and forensic tests

Chaynee Hodgetts scrutinises the risk of false positive alcohol metabolite testing results

13 Dec 2022

Law centres: the comparative way ahead

Professor Liz Curran explains the differences between UK and Australian legal aid

06 Dec 2022