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Solicitors Journal provides our print and digital subscribers with the very latest legal news and robust analysis on more than 40 practice areas, with plenty of long reads from independent journalists. In response to industry changes, we've also sharpened our focus on practice management.

As a legal professional, you will know `do-it-yourself` and packaged legal services are diverting increasing amounts of revenue away from already struggling firms - especially on the high street. To survive, firms are being forced to innovate.

Our response to these immense challenges is to publish in-depth guidance on practice management topics ranging from business strategy and marketing to ethics and technology. We`re helping firms adapt to these challenges and to positively thrive. With no political or industry bias we ensure you receive the information you need to develop your own opinions and draw your own conclusions.

Solicitors Journal is the world`s longest-running legal publication, now with an international readership. Maintaining our staunch independence from our first issue in 1856 to the present day, we always get to the heart of the matter.

First published: 1856

ISSN No.: 0038 1152

Lexis+ AI