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The legal horrors of the housing industry

Gurpreet Sanghera considers the profound problems of the housing sector

24 May 2022

A world on-chain: can our legal infrastructure cope?

Dan Wyatt (and Harvey Briggs) consider if we’re ready for blockchain

16 May 2022

SJ Interview

Q&A with Mr Stephen Clear FRSA, Law Lead at Bangor University

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews a University Subject Lead in Law and Law Lecturer, Mr Stephen Clear FRSA...

11 May 2022

Learning the lessons of last Summer…

Alastair Murray considers our professional tech progress

15 May 2022


South Africa: options for employees injured by vaccinations

Talita Laubscher and Melissa Cogger explore how employees may be entitled to compensation from employers if they suffer injury, illness or death following a covid vaccination

10 May 2022

How to deal with Texas businesses without getting sued

David Coale explores when a Texas-based court can exercise jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant

24 Apr 2022

The metaverse: how it works and the legal implications

Yuliya Prokopyshyn examines the evolution of the metaverse, the opportunities it creates and what practitioners need to consider

19 Apr 2022

Mergers and acquisitions: ticking all the boxes

Jenny Hotchin presents key objectives for legal teams for mergers and acquisitions

19 Apr 2022


A taxing battle: Hargreaves v HMRC [2022] UKUT 34 (TCC)

Andrew Park critically reviews the legal battle between Matalan founder Hargreaves and HMRC

26 May 2022

Diversity in criminal legal aid: A huge step forward

Professor Chris Bones considers CILEX practitioners in criminal legal aid work

05 May 2022

Time to grow? insider insights in business development

Georgina Swain considers the need for planning your firm’s future progression

05 May 2022

Tweet if you wish (politely)?: lawyers and social media

Vanessa Reid examines regulatory oversight over social media for legal practitioners

05 May 2022