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What is love? Law, love, loss and life

Chaynee Hodgetts reflects on love in the February Foreword

07 Feb 2023

SJ Interview

SJ interview: Simon Natas FRSA

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Simon Natas FRSA

01 Mar 2023


Predictions for 2023: Cybersecurity in the legal sector

Lawrence Perret-Hall reviews firms’ information security in 2023

17 Mar 2023

Transparency in family: openness in the Family Court

Simon Donald examines how transparency can help in family law

07 Mar 2023

Legal project management: an essential M&A tool

Nebil Gaigi and Rinesh Pankhania examine the latest in M&A

05 Mar 2023

Doing the Deed: media portrayals of the judiciary

David Pickup considers changing perceptions of the judiciary in popular culture

28 Feb 2023


Confronting cognitive biases in international arbitration

Edoardo Marcenaro provides a framework of transformative skills for tackling congitive biases in

21 Mar 2023

India: incentives for promoting Intellectual Property Rights

Safir Anand explores regulations for protecting IPRs in India

20 Mar 2023


Privatising the criminal justice system

Francesca Titus and Oscar Ratcliffe review the effects of privatisation on criminal justice

17 Mar 2023

Negotiating commercial agreements: key points

Negotiation is art and science working together but should never be left to luck, explains

03 Mar 2023

The civil justice reform train: on track near you

Tony Guise attends the latest civil justice reform event

01 Mar 2023

Unexplained Wealth Orders: under-used and unloved

Nicola Sharp considers UWOs and proceeds of crime

27 Feb 2023