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Keeping Counsel

In our August 2022 Foreword, Chaynee Hodgetts considers changing times…

20 Jul 2022

SJ Interview

Peter Stefanovic on Boris Johnson and British politics

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews lawyer and vlogger Peter Stefanovic

04 Aug 2022


The Trust Registration Service (TRS)

Neal Groves considers HMRC’s tax regime

15 Aug 2022

The challenges of being different

Kerry Jack considers uniqueness in marketing

14 Aug 2022

I know what you did last Summer

David Pickup considers the Summer holidays, solicitor style

03 Aug 2022

The National Security Bill: a missed opportunity?

Peter Binning considers whether the new National Security Bill could have been used to reform Official Secrets law

03 Aug 2022


Was the WTO right on vaccine patent waivers?

Nick Redfearn and Fabrice Mattei discuss how to compromise between improving access to vaccines whilst also protecting research and pharma innovation.

12 Jul 2022

Mauritius: Introduction of variable capital companies

Shianee Calcutteea, Sahirun Subadar and Vartika Sahai explore the benefits of variable capital companies.

11 Jul 2022


(Don’t get) lost in translation

James Halstead and Marcin Durlak examine the need for high quality legal translation

31 Jul 2022

Airline cancellations and consumer law

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explains the turmoil within the travel industry and consumer rights in the event of flight cancellations

23 Jul 2022


Repapering: beware the grey swan

Brett Aubin explores if Schrems II is the next grey swan for solicitors

11 Aug 2022

False beliefs on crime rates influencing juries?

Dr Rebecca Helm considers whether false beliefs about prevalence of crime could influence jury evaluation of evidence.

07 Aug 2022

Perils and pitfalls of directing a Jersey energy company

Lynne Gregory reviews the risks and rewards of the Jersey energy sector

07 Aug 2022

Shareholder disputes: unfair prejudice petitions

Lisa Linklater QC considers the art of share valuation in company law

05 Aug 2022