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The quirks of QOCS: Ho v Adelekun

Matthew Hoe examines the effect of Ho on QOCS

24 Nov 2021

The Woodford Fund collapse

Kieran Smith comments on the WEIF collapse

05 Nov 2021

Halfway house? Hybrid working heightens discrimination risk for employers

Katy Meves considers the rights-based regulatory risks posed by hybrid working

05 Nov 2021

Why firm mergers go wrong: golden rules for success

Jeff Zindani reflects on the rules for harmonious mergers

05 Nov 2021

‘What’s law got to do with it?’: Tina Turner sues tribute act

Turner's lawyers are reportedly seeking to rely on European ‘right of personality' laws

11 Nov 2021

Trials and tribulations: A career in the criminal courts

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Nigel Lithman QC, retired Circuit Judge and author

07 Nov 2021

Pandora Papers: Waking up or sleepwalking?

Niall Hearty argues the Pandora Papers scandal is a wake-up call for European authorities

05 Nov 2021

Data and the Department of Defense: data rights of British contractors

Richard Johnson, Zachary Prince and Daniel Ramish assess the risks for British contractors providing ‘unlimited’ data rights to the US’ DoD.

02 Nov 2021

Rights and attachment, trauma & neurodevelopment wrongs

Dr Josh Carritt-Baker contemplates human rights violations and professional negligence

05 Nov 2021

Consultant lawyers: Divided we fall?

Oliver Brice considers whether the rise in consultant law firms is destroying the foundations of partnership

05 Nov 2021

Understanding the G20/OECD Proposals for a Global Minimum Rate of Corporation Tax

John Weybourne analyses the technical side of the OECD’s new tax framework

05 Nov 2021

Protective Awards: Who Really Pays?

Paul Kissen considers the consequences of protective awards

05 Nov 2021