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September foreword: New beginnings

Suzanne Townley reflects on summer holidays and 'back to school' for solicitors

29 Aug 2022

SJ Interview

Peter Stefanovic on Boris Johnson and British politics

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews lawyer and vlogger Peter Stefanovic

04 Aug 2022


Public portrayals and perceptions of practitioners

David Pickup considers whether we need to change lawyers’ appearance in the media

27 Sep 2022

Strength in numbers: collective action

Georgina Hollis and Amar Chauhan consider how to find clients in group litigation

27 Sep 2022

Mind the (leadership) gap

Charlotte Harrison considers whether a lack of certain skills could be stopping firm growth in its tracks

30 Aug 2022

Backlog in the Family Court

Anthony Kiernan considers delays to family justice

24 Aug 2022


Singapore Convention Week and UNCITRAL Academy 2022: The importance of cross-border dispute resolution in the current geopolitical climate

International trade is worth over £1 trillion annually to the UK economy[1] – close to half of the UK’s GDP.[2]

23 Aug 2022

Russia sanctions: failing to hit the target?

22 Aug 2022


Legal innovation: visionary, realist or just process improvement?  

Jack Shepherd examines different ways of adopting innovation in a firm.

21 Aug 2022

The challenges of being different

Kerry Jack considers uniqueness in marketing

14 Aug 2022


Bladed articles and offensive absolutism

Cathál MacPartholán provides a brief review of new laws on offensive weapons in private places

27 Sep 2022

Repapering: beware the grey swan

Brett Aubin explores if Schrems II is the next grey swan for solicitors

11 Aug 2022

False beliefs on crime rates influencing juries?

Dr Rebecca Helm considers whether false beliefs about prevalence of crime could influence jury evaluation of evidence.

07 Aug 2022

Perils and pitfalls of directing a Jersey energy company

Lynne Gregory reviews the risks and rewards of the Jersey energy sector

07 Aug 2022