Practice Notes: Employment

Bouncing liability

The Licensing Act 2003 has seen an increase in security requirements for licensed premises. Stephanie Cope examines the implications for parties to persona

24 Nov 2006

Showing grievance

Rules and procedures in employment tribunals have become hugely baffling. Kerry Underwood and Elish McKee navigate th

03 Nov 2006

Out with bullying

Bullying can have disastrous consequences, warns Jonatha

03 Nov 2006

Update: dismissal law

Martin Edwards discusses reason for dismissal, lapsed warnings, dismissal on racial grounds, dismissal and disability, statutory dismissal procedure, ‘no d

27 Oct 2006

New asylum standards

Jane Coker explains the new procedure for asylum seekers and refugees under the Qualifying Directive, the implementing regulations and changes to the Immig

13 Oct 2006

Feeling aggrieved

Do aggrieved employees have to follow a specific procedure for their claims? Esther Morri

28 Jul 2006

DEBATE Carter: how will it affect your practice?

Lawyers from across the whole spectrum of the profession examine the ramifications of Lord Carter’

21 Jul 2006

Unfair dismissals update (2)

Martin Edwards discusses statutory grievance procedures, striking out an

28 Apr 2006

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