Practice Notes: Employment

When your nearest isn’t your dearest

Amendments to the Mental Health Act provide new systems for the selection – and most importantly, the removal – of a patient’s nearest relative, says Davi

02 Dec 2008

Virtual worlds, real consequences

Social networking sites have lured users into a false sense of confidentiality, but personal details held on these sites can be accessed and used by employ

04 Nov 2008

Northern lights

Jenny Ramage explores the distinctive characteristics that have helped the Northern Circuit maintain its reputation as the UK’s second lega

21 Oct 2008

Update: employment

Sue Ashtiany reviews the latest cases on discrimination in the workplace, including victimisation an

27 May 2008

Independent decisions

Expert determinations are increasingly favoured by those lawyers keen on resolving dispute away from the courts, says Joh

13 May 2008

Opinion: where next for mental health?

Providing legal safeguards for detained patients is essential in a civilised society. However, the arrival of fixed fees is making proper representation fo

06 May 2008

Not a temporary fix

Tom Poole welcomes the new authoritative guidance on temporary workers given by the Court of Appeal in the recent James v London Borough of Greenwich cas

29 Apr 2008

Sempra Metals (1): restitution revised

The House of Lords’ decision in Sempra Metals sets the record straight for restitution claims under English and EU law, says Simon Whitehea

10 Aug 2007

Update: housing

Jim Shepherd and Dominic Preston examine possession, discrimination and homelessnes

23 Feb 2007

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