DIY divorce: gone too far

Tracey O’Dwyer looks at the role of lawyers in divorce today

20 Jan 2023

Small claim mediation: not a tick-box exercise

Simon Garrod examines the benefits of mediation in small claims

19 Jan 2023

Twitter and Meta: tech company redundancies

Florence Brocklesby examines retention and the law in the social media sector

17 Jan 2023

Navigating sexual harassment claims in the MeToo era

Hina Belitz considers employers’ equality duties in sexual harassment cases

13 Jan 2023

Spousal inheritance shares upon divorce

Julia Cluley considers if spouses can be prevented from claiming inheritance on divorce

09 Jan 2023

The will to find a way: POCA and criminal confiscation

Nicola Finnerty, Gemma Tombs and Phil Taylor examine Law Commission reform recommendations on

03 Jan 2023

Happy New Year: happy days again?

David Pickup reflects back, considering whether 2023 will be a better year for lawyers

01 Jan 2023

Book review: ‘The Legal Extortion Racket’

Tony Guise provides a review of ‘the autobiography of an idea’*

14 Dec 2022

The perfect partner’s Christmas speech

David Pickup takes a tongue-in-cheek look at lawyers' Christmas party speeches

11 Dec 2022

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