Funny money: Don't be like Al Capone

With money laundering now a sophisticated affair, Susan Humble warns of the risks of complacency 

05 Mar 2021 | Conveyancing

It’s not fair: BAME disciplinary proceedings

The SRA should take radical action to ensure regulation is fair and proportionate, as Gideon Habel and Emma Walker explain

Law Society president to step down to avoid being ‘a distraction’

David Greene has announced he is to step aside as Law Society president from 19 March

03 Mar 2021 | Regulators

Unregulated barrister and ex-solicitor disbarred for dishonest conduct

An unregistered barrister has been disbarred following dishonesty relating to conveyancing in 2004

03 Mar 2021 | Regulators

Operation change: Maintaining the standards expected

Adapting to the post-covid new world requires maintaining appropriate oversight and conformity with regulatory and ethical duties, says Tracey Calvert

Collateral attack

Susanna Heley considers the interplay between court judgments and solicitors’ disciplinary proceedings

Integrity and public trust: Avoiding an unruly mess

Esther Drabkin-Reiter examines how the court in Beckwith tied the scope of regulation by the SRA and the tribunal to a proper interpretation of th

10 Feb 2021 | Regulators

How private is a private life?

Gideon Habel comments on the line to be drawn between private conduct within and outside of the SRA’s reach post-Beckwith

04 Feb 2021 | Regulators

SRA prosecution: at what price?

Susanna Heley comments on the regulator’s resistance to dropping proceedings against solicitor Z, despite significant risk to his life

04 Feb 2021 | Regulators

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