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Social networking: Lessons from using social media to establish a NewLaw firm

Janvi Patel shares what she learned from establishing her NewLaw firm's business primarily through socia

26 Nov 2015

Visual identity: Creating a modern brand for a 194-year old law firm

Bruce Cockerton discusses how the rebranding of his 194-year old law firm is enabling it to achieve its strategi

18 Sep 2015

How marketers can shape the client experience

By Beverly Landais, Marketing & BD Director, Saunderson Hous

19 Aug 2015

Brand recognition: Law firm brand building by sports sponsorship

Sponsoring the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games helped to secure Harper Macleod's future in the Scottish legal market, says Lorn

19 May 2015

Associate Announcement: Bentley car promotion – they’re literally givin’ em away

By Jamie Fearnley, creative and freelance writer specialising in the automotiv

01 May 2015

Five rules to avoid the overuse of hyperbole and marketing speak

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham Law Schoo

19 Mar 2015

Fresh start: Rebranding a law firm after its name partners retire

Stephen Attree shares his experiences in rebranding an established law firm after all of the name partners had retire

19 Nov 2014


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