The legal press: friend or foe?

With more than 40 per cent of law firms’ media coverage originating from the legal press, David Benigson considers how valuable the trade press is to lawyers’ marketin

16 Mar 2017

Rock ‘n’ roll networking

Solicitors should follow the example of Britain’s musical icons if they want to be successful at networking, explains Dougla

14 Mar 2017

Getting the most out of coffee meetings

Rather than trying to sell to clients, create a conversation and let opportunities arise organically, advises Dougla

21 Feb 2017

Solicitors Journal Awards 2017: Book your seats

Don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate with the industry’

20 Feb 2017

Post-Brexit scarring

Liz Truss is right to praise City firms, but she shouldn’t forget the rest of the legal services sector, writes John van de

20 Jan 2017

Legal sector dominates workplace equality index

Stonewall’s findings reflect how many firms are leading by example, says Law Societ

19 Jan 2017

How to avoid cold calling

Four simple networking tips can help you reach your business development targets with ease, advises Dougla

17 Jan 2017

Stop wasting money on marketing your legal practice

You should stop wasting money on marketing until you fix this ‘leak’ in your practice, writes Michelle Peters (The Business Instructor

09 Jan 2017

Many hands make light work

When deciding who to partner with for new initiatives, law firms should consider both internal and external opportunities, suggests Dougla

06 Dec 2016