Practice Management

You are what you tweet

Can a diet of social media produce healthy profits for your law firm? Rachel Tombs think

06 Sep 2017 | Marketing

Practice Management

The benefits of sector marketing

A sector strategy is about strengthening key client relationships and making you more attractive to targets in areas you know and serve best, explains Doug

Practice Management

Rebranding: What you need to know

When giving your firm a facelift remember to respect your past and know what your business represents, advises Matthe

20 Jun 2017 | Marketing

Practice Management

Never get complacent

Douglas McPherson advises firms on maintaining client retention, revenue growth, and access to the new ideas that will keep their businesse

Practice Management

Beyond the brass plate

Marketing is not just something to catch the eye, it is a testimonial to what the client is about to experience from you, writes Davi

05 Jun 2017 | Marketing

Practice Management

Law firms dissatisfied with quality and quantity of new enquiries

‘Random acts of marketing’ aren’t strategic and can’t be measured, says digital marketin

Practice Management

Get good at the business of law

Michelle Peters explains why being a good lawyer isn’t enough if you want to be successful at the business o

Practice Management

Evolution of the digital dinosaur

Law firms marrying new ways of working with managing the expectations of those resistant to change see the most success in the new digital world, writes Ja

Practice Management

Getting the call to action right

However good law firms’ content is, it won’t generate the level of response it deserves if it doesn’t tell readers what to do next, says Dougla


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