Practice Management

Adopting a marketing strategy that works

For an effective marketing plan, start with your strengths and where your work comes from rather than focusing on your competitors, says Dou

14 Aug 2019 | Marketing

Practice Management

Is it possible to Monzo law?

We returned to the pros and cons of legal technology in the June/July issue, as the industry continues to wrestle with the critical balance between automat

14 Aug 2019 | Legal services

Practice Management

Michael Burne: A law firm, but not as we know it

Carbon Law Partners’ founder wants to free lawyers from having to run law firms and focus on delivering great lega

Practice Management

Learning from complaints

No one wants to receive complaints but is there a way to turn them to your advantage? Hannah Gannagé-Stewart talks to those in the complaints handling busi

18 Jun 2019 | Ethics

Practice Management

Fly on the wall: should your firm try live video streaming?

Broadcasting your event live showcases your credentials and builds a direct rapport with potential clients, says Karl

Practice Management

Top 200 embrace thought leadership marketing

The top 200 UK law firms are producing 93 per cent more thought leadership content online in 2019 than in 2014, according t

12 Jun 2019 | Marketing

Practice Area

Seeing through price transparency

Canny conveyancers have long understood the benefits of price transparency, argues Paul Hajek; it’s just a shame the regulators still don’t see how informe

02 Feb 2019 | Conveyancing

Practice Management

Price transparency: it’s about the wiggle room

New price transparency requirements have to be a positive development for law firms, but there is still an issue about unexpected costs, says Russel

24 Jan 2019 | Legal services

Practice Management

Is Facebook the missing link for law firms?

The key to avoiding the social media rabbit hole of time and money is to think of each platform as a cog in a bigger machine, explains Jame


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