Learning from complaints

No one wants to receive complaints but is there a way to turn them to your advantage? Hannah Gannagé-Stewart talks to those in the complaints handling business to see what we can learn fro

18 Jun 2019

Fly on the wall: should your firm try live video streaming?

Broadcasting your event live showcases your credentials and builds a direct rapport with potential clients, says Karl

12 Jun 2019

Top 200 embrace thought leadership marketing

The top 200 UK law firms are producing 93 per cent more thought leadership content online in 2019 than in 2014, according t

12 Jun 2019

Seeing through price transparency

Canny conveyancers have long understood the benefits of price transparency, argues Paul Hajek; it’s just a shame the regulators still don’t see how informed consent is nothing withou

02 Feb 2019

Price transparency: it’s about the wiggle room

New price transparency requirements have to be a positive development for law firms, but there is still an issue about unexpected costs, says Russel

24 Jan 2019

Is Facebook the missing link for law firms?

The key to avoiding the social media rabbit hole of time and money is to think of each platform as a cog in a bigger machine, explains Jame

08 Sep 2017

You are what you tweet

Can a diet of social media produce healthy profits for your law firm? Rachel Tombs think

06 Sep 2017

The benefits of sector marketing

A sector strategy is about strengthening key client relationships and making you more attractive to targets in areas you know and serve best, explains Dougla

07 Aug 2017

Rebranding: What you need to know

When giving your firm a facelift remember to respect your past and know what your business represents, advises Matthe

20 Jun 2017