Practice Notes: Procedures

New bail arrangements under the Policing and Crime Act 2017

The Act should improve decision making and reduce distress and injustice for individuals placed on

13 Feb 2017

Stick to the rules

Alec Samuels discusses the culture of compliance following Denton

22 Dec 2016

Law firms should not be the law enforcers

A new pilot scheme on seizing the proceeds of crime has the potential to jeopardise the fairness of

12 Sep 2016

Balancing disclosure and protection

Georgina Squire advises litigators on the potential pitfalls involved in protecting privilege

12 Sep 2016

MoJ: Is the new boss same as the old boss?

Liz Truss is 'sceptical' on problem-solving courts but stands firm on Bill of Rights

22 Aug 2016

Problem-solving courts and Truss's new tough on crime agenda

Is another politically ambitious justice secretary preparing for a grandstand appearance at the

22 Aug 2016

Football fans pay penalty as Horwich Farrelly strikes again

Insurance lawyers demonstrate claimants' fundamental dishonesty as personal injury debat

19 Aug 2016

Caught on camera: Judges, trials, and videotapes

A new pilot scheme sees judges' sentencing remarks filmed for the first time to test the

17 Aug 2016

The end of in loco parentis in negligence

The courts now have a degree of flexibility to apply to the facts of a case, writes Michae

17 Aug 2016

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