Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Keeping to your word

The ground occupied by claimants in a proprietary estoppel case is never certain, and the claim

26 Mar 2015

Europe on the mend

Europe has found it trickier to overcome the economic downturn than most expected, but there are

26 Mar 2015

Clear as mud

Divorce settlements involving farmland are informed by strong case law, but they have tended

25 Mar 2015

HMRC to continue tax avoidance clampdown

Many of the chancellor's policies have been called nothing more tha

20 Mar 2015

Tax disclosure opportunities to close early

The government is successfully making it extremely difficult to hide undeclared funds fro

20 Mar 2015

Osborne revamps ISAs and rewards savers

The government could potentially contribute up to £6000 towards a couples deposit on their

19 Mar 2015

Government's plans for tax avoidance penalties are 'premature'

Accelerated payment notices have already been suspended and their long-term future remain

17 Mar 2015

Making light out of loss

Securing conditional tax relief benefits is never a straightforward undertaking. You could end

17 Mar 2015

Getting the numbers right

Accountancy firm, Carter Backer Winter, explores some of the finer details required to secure

17 Mar 2015

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