Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Out of reach

What happens when a UK resident client who can no longer manage their financial affairs has

23 Jun 2015

A fool's errand?

The legitimacy of asset protection trusts is highly questionable given that the Care Act

22 Jun 2015

60-second interview: Daniel Freedman

Daniel Freedman tells PCA that the wealth management industry needs to understand that only

22 Jun 2015

A watchful eye

The HMRC tax investigation machine is not exclusively targeting high-net-worth individuals;

22 Jun 2015

Spoilt for choice

Caribbean international financial centres are markedly improving their offerings to global

10 Jun 2015

A welcome relief

The fall in oil prices has been kind to many and it's forecast to support steady growth, but

08 Jun 2015

Emergency budget expectations

What do we already know about the Tory government's tax pledges and where might George

05 Jun 2015

Time running out for solicitors to declare income to HMRC

Solicitors who fail to pay what they owe face penalty of up to 100 per cent of ta

03 Jun 2015

The historical and the hysterical

The recent Summit of the Americas, which included Cuba for the first time, was a good bridge

03 Jun 2015

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