Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Summer Budget special: A private client focus

Public would have been better served with a radical change to a flat rate of tax relief, says

08 Jul 2015

A 'quantum leap' in private wealth

During these heady times of heightened reporting standards, intergovernmental agreements and the

06 Jul 2015

Early inheritance

More and more people are choosing to make lifetime gifts to their families and loved ones, but

03 Jul 2015

Quistclose or not

A comparison of recent English and Jersey cases shows the different approaches which might be

01 Jul 2015

Financial health warning

Wealth management practitioners must take note of new case law and legislation, some of which may

30 Jun 2015

A change in gear

A resolute government, decisive policies and market sentiment will see China's equities

25 Jun 2015

Insure against tax

There are several ways of reducing inheritance tax exposure, each more complicated than the

25 Jun 2015

Blacklists - what do they achieve?

Given the implications which will inevitably arise from being included in a blacklist of any

24 Jun 2015

A matter of luck?

Without sufficient state funding for the Care Act, those in need of care will be left counting

23 Jun 2015

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