Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Bestowing chattels

Finding a piece of art that will increase in value is a tricky undertaking, but it can be equally difficult to pass it down to the nex

01 May 2015

Financial services sector faces high risk of age discrimination claims

'Godfather of retail' case could be the start of many suc

30 Apr 2015

Pension paradox

The biggest benefit of the pension freedoms may come from leaving the money untouched and never making a withdrawal a

29 Apr 2015

Political parties are offering ‘piecemeal changes’ to tax

Study finds 'little evidence of any coherent strategy and numerous proposals that would complicate the ta

29 Apr 2015

Insolvency professionals call for legislative change to fight war on fraud

One in nine British adults admit to being a victim of fraud in las

28 Apr 2015

Glass houses

IFCs have long had many of the financial safeguards in place which are only now becoming commonplace across the world, argues Geoff Coo

27 Apr 2015

Tinker, tailor

Lucy Brennan dissects some of the more eye-catching parts of George Osborne's 201

24 Apr 2015

A bridge too far?

A deed of variation is a means of redirecting an inheritance so that an oversight can be amended; it is not a tax evasion too

22 Apr 2015

A ticking time bomb

How can advisers protect their clients' international assets under the spectre of increasing diminished capacity, asks Donn

22 Apr 2015

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