Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Football clubs urged to advise players against tax avoidance

Some former footballers will have to sell their homes to pay disputed tax t

10 Sep 2015

'Extreme' solicitors needed to raise charitable gift status

Remember A Charity Week celebrates 'legendary' legac

09 Sep 2015

You can't ignore China

Apart from being the world's second biggest economy, the largest trading nation and

07 Sep 2015

A cross-border affair

The effects of geopolitical shifts and new trade agreements cannot be ignored. They're set

04 Sep 2015

Majority of businesses 'do not understand competition law well'

Accountants urged to inform clients of their lega

03 Sep 2015

State of play

Karen Bayley and Jennifer Ridgway consider case law concerning the management of a vulnerable

27 Aug 2015

Have you bitten off too much?

Unanswerable questions, disgruntled suppliers and unruly board members; John Dickinson offers a

27 Aug 2015

The IFA of Wall Street

Granted, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it as the Hollywood blockbuster. But

26 Aug 2015

HMRC to chase unnecessary levels of tax payer information

Boodle Hatfield believe HMRC's desire to increase transparency will only succeed in creating an

26 Aug 2015

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