Practice Notes: Employment

Can employers ban religious dress in work?

What does the CJEU judgment on religious dress in work really mean, asks Lindse

04 Apr 2017

Brexit and IndyRef2: What does it mean for employment law?

A future government under pressure from business would be unconstrained from deregulating UK employment law, writes Luk

20 Mar 2017

‘Neutral’ dress policies likely to be ‘wildly unpopular’ in UK

‘Our approach to equality is based more on diversity tha

15 Mar 2017

The gig economy and workers’ rights

As flexible business models become more widespread, the law needs to be simplified to provide easier ways to determine the working status of an individual,

02 Mar 2017

Safety umbrella: A temporary fix to liability?

Far from being an issue specific to employment, the ‘gig economy’ has given rise to questions about the traditional boundaries of employer liability claims

24 Feb 2017

Breaking down barriers

Practitioners should encourage employers to think beyond typical reasonable adjustments to ensure they meet their obligations to disabled employees, urges

21 Feb 2017

Questions of employment tribunal procedure

Snigdha Nag discusses procedural issues such as the employment tribunal’s approach to time limits and decisions regarding Acas earl

14 Feb 2017

Law students tackle ‘advice black hole’ in West Midlands

More than 500 local residents helped with employmen

06 Feb 2017

Employment tribunal fees discourage claims

Access to justice should not be a revenue generator, says Chancer

01 Feb 2017

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