Taylor Review calls for reform of ‘unfair’ employment tribunal procedure

Independent review recommends scrapping tribunal issue fees and calls for new ‘dependent contractor

11 Jul 2017

Baggage allowance

Domonique McRae discusses the decision in Swissport Ltd on whether a ‘period’ costs award may be made when a party has entered into

11 Jul 2017

Swansea solicitor loses employment claim against legal aid firm

Constructive dismissal, age discrimination, and breach of contract claims dismissed b

21 Jun 2017

Refuse workers win overtime pay case against Veolia

Waste management firm claimed ‘Brexit legal uncertainty’ behin

19 Jun 2017

Solicitor wins unfair dismissal and indirect sex discrimination claims

Tribunal finds ‘serious and fundamental shortcomings’ in Switalskis’ disciplinar

19 Jun 2017

GLS v Brookes: Discriminatory recruitment practices

The case of a law student who brought a claim against the Government Legal Service shows the diverse ways in which disability discrimination can arise, writes Ann

14 Jun 2017

A salve for NHS whistleblowers?

David Mitchell considers the plight of health service whistleblowers in light of the recent Court of Appeal decisions in Day an

14 Jun 2017

Claims for retrospective holiday pay should be allowed

AG opinion poses risk to ‘gig economy’ employers, sa

09 Jun 2017

Groundsmen crowdfund unfair dismissal claim

Solicitor doubts crowdfunding can fill the gap left by lega

24 May 2017