Practice Notes: Employment

Hair today

Hair testing for drugs and alcohol has significantly evolved and improved in recent years, and is proving particularly useful in family cases, says Av

29 Jun 2010

The final countdown

A lavish legal aid awards ceremony spelled the last hurrah for hopes of fresh state help. But if the coalition can't help, who can? Ailsa Dixo

08 Jun 2010

Court of Appeal uncaps wrongful dismissal compensation levels

A dismissal dispute between a surgeon and his hospital could pave the way for multi-million pound compensation claims as prior limitations ar

01 Jun 2010

Attorney General’s former housekeeper guilty of fraud

Loloahi Tapui, former housekeeper of Attorney General Baroness Scotland, has been convicted of fraud at Southwark Crow

12 Apr 2010

A fine line

The sentencing guidelines on corporate manslaughter have provided welcome clarity but still leave much to the courts' discretion and risk leading to piecem

23 Feb 2010

Lost cause

Jennette Newman discusses the difficulties raised by the law of causation in chronic pain cases, and the case management strategies defendant solicitors ca

23 Feb 2010

University lecturers lose unfair dismissal test case

Three university lecturers have lost their challenge to the imposition of a national pay agreement. The lecturers, chosen from a group of 68, argued at the

27 Jan 2010

Update: family (children)

Noel Arnold discusses cases on parenthood in residence and contact proceedings, section 91(14) orders and further clarification of the test for interi

08 Dec 2009

Court of Appeal allows sacked workers who sue to claim for "stigma loss"

Dismissed employees who are turned down for jobs because they sued their previous employers can claim for “stigma loss”, the Court of Appeal ha

24 Nov 2009

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