Practice Notes: Employment

'Employer's charter' to protect firms from claims

The prime minister, David Cameron, is to launch an overhaul of employment law to give employers more protection from claims b

10 Jan 2011

Dead end street

DJ Peter Glover considers the unlikely survival of the Lower Street rul

15 Nov 2010

Update: agriculture

Simon Blackburn and Michael Aubrey harvest the latest crop of cases, including vegetable patch valuations and fresh guidance on lan

01 Nov 2010

Beat the boss

Are employers right to say that the scales are unfairly tipped in favour of employees in tribunal claims? Mike Scut

25 Oct 2010

Reduced bonus did not make banker discrimination victim

A banker who injured his back in a skiing accident was not a victim of direct disability discrimination because his bonus was reduced to $450,000, the EAT

21 Sep 2010

Law will tear us apart

Justices are fiddling with top-dollar divorces while normal families burn, says Marily

16 Aug 2010

The bigger picture

The ruling in the Dalí case has seemingly validated a restrictive application of the artist’s resale right directive, but where does this leave the UK's im

09 Aug 2010

Update: employment

Sue Ashtiany considers how the Equality Act is shaping up, wrongful dismissal payments, compromise agreements, perceived disability and ag

26 Jul 2010

Good hair day

Hair analysis is reliable and cost-effective, and can provide vital evidence in a range of cases, but it is important that it is done correctly by the righ

29 Jun 2010

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