Practice Notes: Employment

Lapdancer was employee, EAT rules

A lapdancer at Stringfellows was an employee and entitled to claim unfair dismissal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ha

01 May 2012

Rise in discrimination claims predicted

Solicitors warn of 'sting in the tail' after unfair dismissal rule

16 Apr 2012

Accounts manager who commuted to Libya was employed in UK

Supreme Court says tribunal can hear clai

20 Feb 2012

Employment update

Sue Ashtiany reviews the changes to unfair dismissal claims, the employment tribunal review, the modern workplaces consultation, contract claims and dismis

20 Feb 2012

Man who worked in Libya was employed in UK, Supreme Court says

An accounts manager who worked in Libya, and whose manager was based in Cairo, was employed in the UK and could claim unfair dismissal, the Supreme Court h

13 Feb 2012

Fixed-share partners cannot 'have their cake and eat it'

Lester Aldridge partner not an employee, appeal judge

06 Feb 2012

Uncommon remedies

The Supreme Court decision refusing a dismissed employee compensation for the way he was sacked provides a further prompt to review the interaction of empl

09 Jan 2012

Methodist ministers are employees, appeal judges rule

Methodist ministers are employees and have the same unfair dismissal rights as other workers, the Court of Appeal ha

21 Dec 2011

Employers 'hugely reassured' by unfair dismissal ruling

Supreme Court restricts common la

19 Dec 2011

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