Practice Notes: Employment

'Silence is golden' on employment law, professor tells Cable

'Very unlikely' longer qualifying period for dismissal claims has created job

16 Apr 2013

Blood in the water

Following the story of a youth worker saving children from a shark while signed off work sick,

05 Apr 2013

Update | Employment: controversial reform proposals

Its been a controversial few months, with various employment reforms under proposal. Stephen Levinso

28 Mar 2013

Delivering on parental rights

Jo McCarthy looks at changes coming into effect for parents in 2015 and asks whether it will leave

08 Mar 2013

Secret talks: government misguided over new 'protected conversation' rules

The government’s stubbornness in pushing for settlement agreements will only create more

01 Mar 2013

Treated equally: protecting all volunteers from discrimination

The Supreme Court’s invitation to businesses and charities to fight discrimination is at odds

01 Feb 2013

Christian care worker can be required to work on Sundays

Ruling sets the scene for ECtHR verdict nex

10 Jan 2013

Third time lucky?

Despite repeated promises of clarity, consistency and flexibility, 
the government’s

09 Jan 2013

Assessing confusing changes to time limits for employment tribunal claims

Complex changes to time limits for employment tribunal claims in the Enterprise and Regulatory

23 Nov 2012

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