Practice Notes: Employment

Employment tribunal reform should be handled with care

Digitally excluded and vulnerable groups must be protected, sa

23 Jan 2017

Sir Oliver Heald QC outlines LASPO review timetable

Justice minister working ‘within straitjacket’ of UK’

18 Jan 2017

Naughty or nice?

Sean Jones QC considers whether employment lawyers’ Christmas wishes will come true, with more

17 Jan 2017

Dealing with bereavement at work

Compassion requires flexibility when dealing with bereaved employees, writes Till

17 Jan 2017

MoJ discriminated against judges, tribunal finds

Lord Chancellor fails to show treatment of claimants ‘to be a proportionate means of achieving a

16 Jan 2017

Religious beliefs over secular values

Alex Bearman discusses how equality laws apply to employment for the purposes of an organise

10 Jan 2017

The importance of worker status

Snigdha Nag reviews some key decisions of the year, including a number of cases considering

22 Dec 2016

Protecting employees with cancer

Tilly Harries discusses the steps employers can take to meet their legal obligations towards

09 Dec 2016

Mixing work with private

The scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for professional purposes

29 Nov 2016

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