Practice Notes: Education

Education update

Jennifer Agyekum reviews the right to legal representation at internal disciplinary hearings, a case questioning the independence of the OIA and disability

06 Feb 2012

Feeling the benefit

Is the public benefit case really a triumph for independent schools? Helen Harvi

30 Jan 2012

Passing the test

Far from being a victory for the Independent Schools Council, the Upper Tribunal ruling on the interpretation of the ‘public benefit’ test vindicates the C

01 Nov 2011

New ingredient

Adding 'public benefit' as a new ingredient to the charity law mix is proving a recipe for disaster, says Finol

24 Oct 2011

Disappointment as tribunal fails to clarify charity law

Ruling consolidates Charity Commission's position on publi

24 Oct 2011

Tribunal ruling fails to provide clarity over public benefit

Independent schools failing to provide some benefits for their potential beneficiaries other than their current or prospective fee-paying students would be

14 Oct 2011

Update: education

As university fees go up, students are turning into ‘consumers’ of education services. Salima Mawji and Anita Chopra consider th

27 Sep 2011

Scottish government faces discrimination challenge over university fees

The Scottish government is facing a judicial review challenging the fees paid by non-Scottish universit

22 Aug 2011

Class conflict

Could the Supreme Court's decision to refuse a teacher legal representation at his disciplinary hearing be at odds with the government's proposed education

11 Jul 2011

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