Legal Opinion for Solicitors and Lawyers

Social media: No longer an abstract asset?

Alastair Murray evaluates how firms can use social media in a positive way

09 Sep 2021

Seller beware?: New tax time limits on sales of residential property

Neal Groves advises on the new rules for Capital Gains Tax on residential property transactions

05 Sep 2021

Pre-charge bail: How did we get here – and where next?

Peter Csemiczky reflects on the problems presented by pre-charge bail reform

05 Sep 2021

The Armed Forces Covenant: From force to firm

Geraldine McCool reviews the position of the Armed Forces Covenant for firms

05 Sep 2021

Freshfields: Transforming client experiences

Vincent Perrin explains how collaboration between Freshfields and Salesforce has revolutionised client experience

05 Sep 2021

Tackling workplace fraud: Know who you’re dealing with

Ken Dulieu analyses the risks of corporate fraud within firms

05 Sep 2021

What I wish I knew: Advice to my younger self

Andrew Nugent Smith shares his top tips for new lawyers

04 Sep 2021

Cat and mouse?: The law and cryptocurrencies

Charlie Sorensen considers the interplay between regulation, legislation, and cryptocurrency

04 Sep 2021

Taxing Times: Potential tax reforms to cover government Covid borrowing

Camilla Wallace peruses possible paths ahead for repayment of Covid borrowing

04 Sep 2021


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