Opinion for Legal Professionals

Donor beware: Section 10 is not your friend

Howard Epstein sheds light on the risk of power of attorney property fraud

02 Aug 2021

Into the unknown? The future of post-Covid enforcement

Owen Williams and Michelle Kemp examine the future of debt enforcement under the post-pandemic regulatory regime

02 Aug 2021

All roads lead to Spaghetti Junction: CIArb Seminar

Tony Guise reports on the recent in person CIArb London Branch seminar

02 Aug 2021

On the ball: Team management for partners

David Pickup examines key assets and attributes in team management for firms' partners

02 Aug 2021

Sustainable Finance: A new legal specialism?

Chinyelu Oranefo considers the new emerging hybrid between finance and sustainability

02 Aug 2021

Counting on it? 10 years of the Bribery Act 2010

A decade on, Kathleen Harris evaluates the efficacy of the Bribery Act 2010

02 Aug 2021

A firm way forward? The rules on barristers’ incorporation

Matthew Burge and Paul Ashton explore the rules on barristers in business

02 Aug 2021

Client focus: human skills are at the heart of value

Nicola Jones offers insight into the meaning of ‘value’ in post-pandemic practice management

18 Jul 2021

Setting boundaries between work and home

Mary B. Jackson reminds us of the importance of maintaining balance when working from home 

16 Jul 2021

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