Reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Hina Belitz reviews the practicalities of discrimination law and equality practices at work

21 Feb 2023

Right to a refund: train travel law

Samantha Greer considers railway companies and consumer rights

20 Feb 2023

Lariam litigation and the MoD

Hilary Meredith-Beckham reviews the MoD’s withdrawal from a settlement meeting

20 Feb 2023

Men’s mental health in the legal profession

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, considers men’s wellbeing in law

19 Feb 2023

The cost of costs

Kris Kilsby considers changes to costs budgeting

19 Feb 2023

Behind closed doors: the Family Court

Rachel Frost-Smith reviews plans for increased transparency in the Family Court

19 Feb 2023

Parents in law

Matthew Kay considers practical help for working parents in the legal sector

01 Feb 2023

Criminal damage and protest law

Professor Thomas Lewis examines the effect of the Colston Four case

25 Jan 2023

DIY divorce: gone too far

Tracey O’Dwyer looks at the role of lawyers in divorce today

20 Jan 2023

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