The not so secret barrister: Dave Fendem’s Dirty Briefs

Chaynee Hodgetts reviews the anonymous criminal defence barrister’s new book

31 Oct 2022

Domestic abuse: coercive and controlling behaviour

Antonia Mee and Peter Burgess summarise Burgess Mee’s latest seminar

23 Oct 2022

Solicitor or paralegal?

Matthew Kay compares the merits of solicitor and paralegal careers

21 Oct 2022

Disappearing act: the pitfall of conveniently unavailable evidence

Laurence Weeks and Flora Jacobs discuss Vardy v Rooney

21 Oct 2022

Risk in plain sight: occupational fraud

Ken Dulieu examines businesses’ response to fraud and recovering losses

20 Oct 2022

Making child maintenance work when costs are rising

Simon Donald considers child support in a cost-of-living crisis

20 Oct 2022

20 steps to better mental health for lawyers

Angus Lyon shares his top tips for daily mental health help

20 Oct 2022

The Five Nights case

David Hewitt considers the historic banning of a silent film

15 Oct 2022

What I learned from ‘the best criminal lawyer’

Pat Horan reflects on advocacy skills in criminal courts

09 Oct 2022

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