Opinion for Legal Professionals

Seller beware?: New tax time limits on sales of residential property

Neal Groves advises on the new rules for Capital Gains Tax on residential property transactions

05 Sep 2021

Pre-charge bail: How did we get here – and where next?

Peter Csemiczky reflects on the problems presented by pre-charge bail reform

05 Sep 2021

The Armed Forces Covenant: From force to firm

Geraldine McCool reviews the position of the Armed Forces Covenant for firms

05 Sep 2021

Freshfields: Transforming client experiences

Vincent Perrin explains how collaboration between Freshfields and Salesforce has revolutionised client experience

05 Sep 2021

Tackling workplace fraud: Know who you’re dealing with

Ken Dulieu analyses the risks of corporate fraud within firms

05 Sep 2021

What I wish I knew: Advice to my younger self

Andrew Nugent Smith shares his top tips for new lawyers

04 Sep 2021

Cat and mouse?: The law and cryptocurrencies

Charlie Sorensen considers the interplay between regulation, legislation, and cryptocurrency

04 Sep 2021

Taxing Times: Potential tax reforms to cover government Covid borrowing

Camilla Wallace peruses possible paths ahead for repayment of Covid borrowing

04 Sep 2021

Rainmaking, rethinking, and client retention

Bob Spence explores how ‘rainmaking’ can assist in client retention

02 Aug 2021

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