A world on-chain: can our legal infrastructure cope?

Dan Wyatt (and Harvey Briggs) consider if we’re ready for blockchain

16 May 2022

Learning the lessons of last Summer…

Alastair Murray considers our professional tech progress

15 May 2022

Always ‘on’? Recognising burnout

Farhan Farani reflects upon how lawyers' stress can build to breaking point

15 May 2022

Loneliness in the law: what can I do?

Elizabeth Rimmer considers the effect of isolation on lawyers’ mental health

09 May 2022

All is not well – time for a cultural reset?

Dana Denis-Smith argues organisational culture needs to change to tackle the ongoing problems of mental ill-health, bullying and harassment

05 May 2022

Push the button: Fraud by APPF

Mark Kenkre looks at new models of online banking fraud

05 May 2022

Playing catch-up with the UK’s dirty money

Syed Rahman reviews the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022

04 May 2022

Lean in to workload management

 James Lancastle examines the benefits of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) for firms

03 May 2022

HMRC’s seizure of crypto assets: the first of many?

Andrew Park reviews HMRC’s UWO position on crypto assets and NFTs.

28 Apr 2022

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