Opinion for Legal Professionals

Smash and stay? Women and firms’ ‘glass ceiling’

Natalie Runyon evaluates ways women’s contemporary career progression can circumvent the ‘glass ceiling’

02 Oct 2021

Mind the IHT gap

Simon Dawson explores how firms can use contemporary solutions to assist clients facing the ‘IHT gap’

02 Oct 2021

Splitting the difference?: Pension inequality in divorce

Debora Price conducts new research into the inequalities of pensions when couples divorce

02 Oct 2021

COFA: Firms’ planning and processes

Max Masters explores the practical steps COFAs can take to fulfil their responsibilities

02 Oct 2021

COFA for Practice Managers

Tim Kidd reminds practice managers of the key obligations and duties for COFA compliance

02 Oct 2021

The right to write? Lawyers as authors

HHJ Charles Harris QC reflects upon legal writing, and lawyers as authors

02 Oct 2021

The French legal system: vive la différence?

David Pickup carries out a comparative analysis with the French criminal jurisdiction

02 Oct 2021

Judicial Review and Courts Bill: third time lucky for Online Procedure Rules?

Tony Guise critically considers the effect of the Judicial Review and Courts Bill on procedure rules

02 Oct 2021

Social media: No longer an abstract asset?

Alastair Murray evaluates how firms can use social media in a positive way

09 Sep 2021

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