Litigation misconduct in family law

Victoria Spencer considers the risks of litigation misconduct in Family Court cases

02 Dec 2022

Women’s Health Strategy: only the beginning

Gemma Davison reviews recent the public policy purview on women

30 Nov 2022

Costs: contentious or non-contentious business?

Nick McDonnell reviews the latest case law on costs

30 Nov 2022

UK expats and divorce in the UAE

Natalie Sutherland considers private international law and divorce

29 Nov 2022

Economic Crime Bill: a medley of reforms

John Binns and Tom McNeill on new financial crime law

29 Nov 2022

Boutique firms as a top merger target

Jeff Zindani explores why boutique firms are the number one target for legal mergers and

29 Nov 2022

The TikTok breach

Sian Stephens examines the ICO’s recent fine of the social media giant

29 Nov 2022

The case against clickbait: Google update good news for firms

Andy Cullwick considers the new Google algorithm update and SEO

02 Nov 2022

New SRA sexual misconduct guidance

Zahra Awaiz-Bilal reviews the effect of new SRA guidance on employers and employees

01 Nov 2022

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