The Solicitors Regulation Authority has updated its Enforcement Strategy, which explains when and how it would take action against a law firm or solicitor.

The strategy aims to provide greater clarity on how it decides whether to act in a given case, and what factors it considers in deciding the seriousness of misconduct and the action it should take.

To support this the SRA has also made public a number of ‘topic guides’, which summarise the mitigating and aggravating factors it takes into account when considering cases in common areas.

These documents cover areas such as solicitors being convicted of criminal offences, drink driving, misusing social media, or failing to comply with the SRA transparency rules.

SRA chief executive Paul Philip said: “Our revised Enforcement Strategy is designed to make it clear about what we do and when.

"It set...

Hannah Gannagé-Stewart
Deputy Editor
Solicitors Journal

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