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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

SRA seeks to diversify board

SRA seeks to diversify board


The Solicitors Regulation Authority is seeking two lay and two solicitor board members

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has put diversity at the centre of its search for four new board members as two lay and two solicitor members reach the end of their terms.

The regulator has committed to increasing diversity on its board and said it is looking to recruit people who reflect the communities that solicitors serve and the increasing diversity of the profession itself.

In its call for applicants today, the SRA said it is looking for candidates from every background with the ability to think strategically, an appetite for contributing to strategic change, a demonstrable commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and enthusiasm for acting as an ambassador externally and within the organisation.

SRA board members are responsible for setting the strategic direction for the SRA, making sure that issues are explored from a range of viewpoints and holding the executive to account for its performance.

SRA board chair Anna Bradley said: “I am keen that we bring real diversity to our thinking, whether that is diversity of race, of gender, or of thought and culture.  That’s key to delivering what is a busy and dynamic programme of work as we bed in a comprehensive reform programme, transform the way that would-be solicitors qualify and support the sector to make the most of technology.

“These are challenging times and we want to hear from people from every background who want to make a difference for the users of legal services in this complex and fast-changing landscape.”

Applicants as lay members should also have understanding or experience of one or more of:

  • using key professional services, including legal, from the perspective of a small business
  • offering support and advice to consumers
  • competition within markets
  • a relevant academic field.

While those looking for solicitor positions should have understanding or experience of one of more of:

  • providing regulated legal services through an alternative business structure in England or Wales
  • practice in a high-street solicitor firm in England or Wales
  • an organisation that provides digital/online advice
  • a relevant academic field

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 22 September. New members will take their places on the board from 1 January, 2021.

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