The Law Society welcomed the plan but queried how independent an ‘internal quality assurance team’ for enforcement workstreams can be

The Law Society has welcomed the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) draft 2021-2022 business plan and budget, which focuses on anti-money laundering (AML), diversity, inclusion, technology and innovation.

Law Society president, I. Stephanie Boyce (pictured), said: “We are pleased to see the SRA prioritising its work and resources on its core regulatory function – ensuring high professional standards of competence.

“The regulator is expected to focus on implementing the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, AML, diversity, inclusion, technology and innovation. All of these areas align with the Law Society’s priorities”.

Boyce said the Law Society would welcome the opportunity to work...

Suzanne Townley
News Editor
Solicitors Journal

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