Solicitor used Tipp-Ex to make 'quick fix' to dates on legal document

A property lawyer has been struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) after amending the dates on both a fixed and floating charge he needed to register with Companies House.

Former Howell Jones solicitor Nicholas Gething had 21 days to register the details associated with two property transactions but missed the deadline due to the forms he sent being completed incorrectly.

Having run out of time to refile them, he used Tipp-Ex correcting fluid to alter the dates to appear as though they were within the deadline. He told the tribiunal he saw it as a “quick fix” to the problem.

The tribunal raised concerns over Gething’s apparent inability “to understand or appreciate the seriousnes...

Hannah Gannagé-Stewart
Deputy Editor
Solicitors Journal

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