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NPCC reacts to report on Police Race Action Plan

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NPCC reacts to report on Police Race Action Plan


The National Police Chiefs' Council has responded to the Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board's first annual report on the Police Race Action Plan.

Chief Constable Rachel Swann, the NPCC's vice chair, said in a press release:

“Much has been done by policing to address racism. Policing is more inclusive, more diverse, and more reflective of our communities than it has ever been. Equally, we acknowledge that racism still exists and there is more still to be done.

“We are proud that the Plan is ambitious, however it is not enough to just say we are not racist. Policing needs to evidence the changes achieved through the Plan to become an anti-racist organisation.

“We know reform is needed for policing to gain the trust and confidence of Black people and all other members of the public who feel marginalised. The commitment by all Chief Constables and senior leaders to provide an anti-racist police service remains unwavering.

“The appointment of the Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board (ISOB) to the Police Race Action Plan is a first for a national UK policing programme. The value the board members bring to the Plan in providing specialist expertise, independent insight and scrutiny from professional Black voices in order to improve our transparency and effectiveness, is intrinsic to its legitimacy.

“I would like to thank the Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board members for their insight presented in the annual report, and their continued hard work and dedication to scrutinising the activity undertaken by the central team and forces. We welcome the recommendations made and will now consider in detail alongside the appointment of our new Programme Director who will be announced later this month.

“We cannot underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead but we continue to work collaboratively and in new ways to achieve the action of the Plan. Gaining the trust and confidence of all our communities is in the best interest of policing, the best interest of the communities we serve, and those who give service as officers staff and volunteers.”

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