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John Vander Luit

Editor, Solicitors Journal

LOD unveils new product to tackle law firms' secondment challenges

LOD unveils new product to tackle law firms' secondment challenges


A ‘creative and significantly more cost-effective' solution, says flexible legal service's co-founder

LOD, the flexible legal service provider, has launched a new product allowing law firms to use its lawyers to more easily fulfil client secondment needs.

'Our law firm clients are able to access top quality LOD lawyers to fulfil their clients' secondment requests,' explained LOD co-founder Jonathan Brenner. 'The law firm gets to maintain and strengthen their client relationships whilst keeping their teams fully resourced.

'Law firms can either use their own alumni, existing LOD lawyers, or a combination of the two. This is a creative and significantly more cost-effective solution than that used traditionally.'

LOD said it has seen a growing demand for this type of solution in recent years as businesses continue to push for more and more secondees from their panel firms. Hence the launch of 'Secondment Solutions'.

'Our law firm clients have been impressed by the calibre of lawyer that we have provided, often more experienced and trained in the relevant sector than their own secondees,' added Brenner. 'Their clients end up with a much better solution, compared to the constant churn of junior lawyers from other firms.'

The product has already been trialed by DPA Piper which, in a statement, said: 'Our clients are delighted with the results and we have further cemented ourselves in that client relationship as a consequence, particularly as the LOD lawyer concerned was one of our alumni.'

LOD co-founder Simon Harper added: 'We have certainly identified the need for this service '“ we're working with three top 20 firms and have a number of Secondment Solutions assignments on the go already.

'Looking for ways in which we can drive change in the industry and improve the way in which we all work is still at the forefront of what we do. It's been ten years since we launched LOD and the concept of working differently and in better ways is as important as ever.'