Chaynee Hodgetts considers the subject of forensic education for lawyers

“Every contact leaves a trace...” Perhaps better known in the sciences as “Locard’s Exhange Principle”, this is one of the central tenets of the study of trace evidence in forensics (E. Locard, “The Analysis of Dust Traces. Part I.” (1930) 1 American Journal of Political Science 276).

Indeed, from the tales of Sherlock Holmes to the scenes of CSI, forensic awareness is omnipresent in the popular media – and is something the public often raise in relation to crimes committed. But how much do solicitors or counsel really know about forensics – and could we provide a better level of service to clients – not to mention a better quality of examination of the case – if we ...

Chaynee Hodgetts
Features and Opinion Editor & Barrister
Solicitors Journal & Libertas Chambers

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