Hair analysis is reliable and cost-effective, and can provide vital evidence in a range of cases, but it is important that it is done correctly by the right experts, says Matthew Taylor

Hair testing is unique in its ability to look back months rather than days at drug use, making it essential in child residence, protection orders, family and many criminal cases. By providing information on exposure to drugs over time, hair analysis can be useful in verifying self-reported histories of drug use in any situation in which a past history of drug use is desired.

During controlled tests of hair, a drug user is not able to hide the fact that they abuse drugs. Once ingested, the drug remains in the hair as a permanent record. Drugs – and other substances, including alcohol – in the bloodstream get trapped in the hair shaft as it grows in the root follicle. Since hair is an inert protein, the drugs remain trapped ther...

Jean Yves


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