It would be disastrous if hard-won progress on diversity is lost because of the impact of the pandemic on women in law, says Dana Denis-Smith

As the covid-19 crisis has taken its toll on women in the profession, we must ensure hard-won progress on equality is not lost.

The Next 100 Years surveyed 900 women working in the profession to find out more about their experience of the covid-19 crisis and the pressures they have been facing.

Of those surveyed, 66 per cent said the crisis was impacting their mental health, over a third had experienced a drop in income and 67 per cent reported that the organisation they work for had furloughed staff.

For those with young children, the pressures of lockdown were particularly acute: 91 per cent were taking on extra childcare and home-schooling responsibilities with 32 per cent forced to reduce their working hours to do s...

Dana Denis-Smith
Trustee / CEO
The First 100 Years / Obelisk

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