The UK was an early adopter of whistleblowing protection for workers, but is the law still doing its job? Rachel Rothwell investigates

Whether it’s corruption, inequality, dangerous working practices or some other threat to society, whistleblowing is one of the best tools we have to expose wrongdoing. But when someone blows the whistle, does the law offer them meaningful protection from being badly treated as a result?

A study this March by the International Bar Association (IBA) showed that while the UK courts handle more whistleblowing claims than anywhere else, with 224 cases in 2018, only 13.8 per cent of these won at tribunal.

Meanwhile, a damning report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Whistleblowing in November 2020 expressed serious concerns about the way such claims are dealt with in the employment tribunal.


Rachel Rothwell
Freelance Journalist

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