The profession would do better on diversity issues if it wasn’t in denial, as Robert Hunter explains

When McArthur Wheeler walked into Mellon Bank, Swissdale, Philadelphia on 5 January 1995 with a loaded gun in his hand, it was to be the perfect crime. 

It probably didn’t look like one. Standing there without a mask, most criminals in his position would have been worried about being identified on the bank’s CCTV cameras. After all, at 5.6ft tall and weighing in at 270lb, Wheeler was a pretty recognisable guy.

Wheeler wasn’t concerned. He didn’t need a mask. He was a genius. He’d thought of something no bank robber had ever thought of before. He had doused himself with lemon juice. Lemon juice? 

Well, think about it: lemon juice is used to make invisible ink, so Wheeler ...

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