Practice Management: Technology

Legal innovation: visionary, realist or just process improvement?  

Jack Shepherd examines different ways of adopting innovation in a firm.

21 Aug 2022

How transaction management tech can make deals less hostile

If your firm is still managing transactions with a word processing tool, it's time you considered a 21st century solution, argues Jack Sheph

20 Jul 2022

Risk and reward: technology and firms' reputation management

Karim Derrick considers the role of IT in brand protection

27 Jun 2022

The times they are a'changing: civil procedure reform

Tony Guise considers the effects of the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2021 on litigation

26 Jun 2022

'Ensuring technology is utilised': a separate workstream

Jack Shepherd considers how to encourage lawyers to use the technology your firm has invested in

20 Jun 2022

Steve Jobs and the Apple example: are you who you advertise you are?

Patrick Horan examines firm branding and Steve Jobs’ Apple approach

14 Jun 2022

The metaverse: virtual offences, real world penalties?

Magda Zima considers online sexual offences and VR

07 Jun 2022

LSB and SRA research reveals client appetite for LegalTech

While familiar technologies were embraced, scepticism remained about newer tech

01 Jun 2022

The Tech-Files

June's foreword

25 May 2022

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