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When is a highway not a highway?

Michael Orlik comments on an appeal ruling giving guidance on how to save a planning permission with a problematical condition

20 Jan 2021 | Local government

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Hidden but unprotected

Jennifer Twite warns lawyers to be cautious if they suspect a child client is passing information to the police

20 Jan 2021 | Children

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Guideline hourly rates: ‘modest’ increases proposed 

The CJC has published its long-awaited report on guideline hourly rates (GHR), setting out recommendations for a simplified scheme and 'modes

11 Jan 2021 | Litigation

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How to get a new disability recognised in law

Radiation sickness sufferers are fighting to have their condition recognised as a disability, as Jessica Learmond-Criqui explains

07 Jan 2021 | Discrimination

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New rights for leaseholders - but when?

Millions of leaseholders will have a new right to extend their lease by up to 990 years at zero ground rent, government has announced. 

07 Jan 2021 | Conveyancing

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Brexit: An easy escape?

Gemma Lindfield considers the impact of Brexit on the extradition of fugitives between the UK and the EU

23 Dec 2020 | Crime

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The Duomatic principle and ostensible authority

Corporate lawyers should note the Privy Council's clarification of the so-called Duomatic principle, as Josh Mangeot, George Weston and Jeremy Child ex

17 Dec 2020 | Commercial

Practice Management

Proposed wealth tax an ‘exceptional’ crisis response

A so-called wealth tax on UK individuals has been proposed by the Wealth Tax Commission as a crisis response to covid-19

09 Dec 2020 | Legal services

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Housing and the Equality Act: 10 years on

Alternatives may be required of landlords before the court will accept evicting a disabled tenant is justified, as Sarah Steinhardt and Daniel Clarke expla

09 Dec 2020 | Landlord & Tenant


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