Practice Management: Professional indemnity

Firms not shopping around for professional indemnity insurance

Emergence of brokers’ schemes a main driver behind law firm loyalty t

24 Jul 2017

Setting the scope of solicitors' duties

BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland clarifies the application of the SAAMCo principle and the distinction between advice and information cases, writes Jame

05 Jul 2017

Countering the new cyber threat

Tom Draper advises firms on the growing danger of cyber crime and what they can do to buil

05 Jul 2017

Grasping the nettle of conveyancing claims

Undertaking a small number of additional checks could help conveyancers reduce risk and avoid tying their fortunes to the property market, advises Joh

05 Jul 2017

A solicitors' market update

While the claims environment has improved, Steve Holland advises firms to consider longer-term policies to avoid any potential volatility i

05 Jul 2017

How embracing failure can be the path to success

Putting an emphasis on sharing mistakes and learning from experience can strengthen firms’ approach to risk management, advises Pete

05 Jul 2017

Common sense prevails on aggregation

Jane Williams and Sushma MacGeoch consider the Supreme Court’s decision in AIG Europe v Woodman and what it means for solicitors’ professional indemnit

05 Jul 2017

Keeping an eye out

Tracey Calvert considers the role of effective workplace supervision in fostering accountability and minimisin

05 Jul 2017

Making the best of the boon years

Making the best of current market conditions means more than just enjoying the low premiums but also building up defences against electronic crime, writes

30 Jun 2017

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