Practice Management: Legal services

Legal services and the road to the UK-Australia trade deal

Anne Bodley and Catherine Brims argue that finalising a UK-Australia trade deal could benefit both countries’ legal sectors.

05 Oct 2021

LegalUK conducts research into value of UK legal market

The research is the first of its kind

05 Oct 2021

CMA: Office for the Internal Market launched to monitor UK internal market

The OIM will monitor and support the effective operation of the UK internal market

22 Sep 2021

New Nightingale court opens

The Law Society has questioned whether the new court helps address the most urgent issues

21 Sep 2021

First property deal completed using 'revolutionary' QES signature

The new process has the potential to be a real estate 'gamechanger' 

17 Sep 2021

Landmark ruling: electronically supplied software constitutes 'sale of goods' under Commercial Agents Regs

Decision has significant implications for software resellers

16 Sep 2021

Bellwether report: future market perceptions 'bullish'

Lexis Nexis' latest report suggests firms are feeling confident, though rising cost of PII is a concern 

14 Sep 2021

Parliament and probate?: Combining careers in politics and practice

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle and Managing Partner of Bendles

08 Sep 2021

Pet abduction to become criminal offence 

Pet theft soared during national lockdowns and the proposed new offence seeks to recognise the severity of the impact for owners

06 Sep 2021

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