Practice Management: Ethics and Compliance

Back to (hybrid) work we go: health and safety HSAW 1974 after covid-19

Justin Tarka considers employers’ duty of care for employees and workers

24 Jun 2022

The legal saga of Musk’s Twitter takeover

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explores the evolving legal obstacles threatening Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

13 May 2022

Tweet if you wish (politely)?: lawyers and social media

Vanessa Reid examines regulatory oversight over social media for legal practitioners

05 May 2022

Regulating firms’ corporate culture

Andrew Pavlovic explores the SRA Guidance on Workplace Environments

07 Apr 2022

Stealing a march: delivery-up of employer’s confidential information

Toni Lorenzo and Alistair Hayes comment on the High Court’s decision in Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd & Anor v Passi [2021] EWHC 3642 (Ch).

31 Mar 2022

Fifty-year anniversary

January marked the fifty-year anniversary of the first female judge to sit in the Old Bailey

04 Jan 2022

Legal services: Price and service transparency

Emma Walker assesses the need for firms to adopt transparency when providing certain legal services

13 Dec 2021

What makes the compliance team effective?

Tracey Calvert reflects on what is needed for harmony between a compliance team and the wider firm.

08 Dec 2021

How do you explain woodland carbon units to your client?

Keith Wallace explores the implications and caveats of woodland carbon units.

07 Oct 2021

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