Practice Management: Ethics and Compliance

SRA guidance on the UK sanctions regime

Jessica Clay and Lucinda Soon examine the SRA’s expectations on complying with the UK

12 Feb 2023

Barrister disbarred over embargoed disclosure

The news in 60 seconds

24 Jan 2023

Insights into occupational fraud

Ken Dulieu gives an important overview of the types of occupational fraud and how to spot them

19 Jan 2023

One for all: SRA regulation for staff

Richard Fox, Jessica Clay and Lucinda Soon review the SRA’s approach to non-solicitor

30 Nov 2022

New SRA sexual misconduct guidance

Zahra Awaiz-Bilal reviews the effect of new SRA guidance on employers and employees

01 Nov 2022

Cybersecurity for solicitors

Gareth Dalton explains his work to protect firms from cyber breaches

31 Oct 2022

Lack of integrity: a catch-all phrase?

Goldie Millan considers the practical application of legal ethics

31 Oct 2022

Information overload? The future of the ICO

Emily Carter considers developments in the Information Commissioner’s Office

25 Oct 2022

Hybrid working: how can firms manage the risks?

Julie Norris considers the problems presented by hybrid working

16 Oct 2022

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