Practice Management: Equality & diversity

Latest BSB diversity data: progress made but work still to be done

Barristers who are female or from minority ethnic backgrounds remain underrepresented

27 Jan 2023

Leigh Day secures thousands in compensation from BBC in TV licence sex discrimination claim

75 per cent of prosecutions brought by TV Licensing are against women

19 Jan 2023

Navigating sexual harassment claims in the MeToo era

Hina Belitz considers employers’ equality duties in sexual harassment cases

13 Jan 2023

100 years of female solicitors

The news in 60 seconds

19 Dec 2022

Latest SRA ethnicity and gender pay gap reports reveal pay gaps persist

The chief executive said the latest figures confirmed the SRA needs to do more to reflect

12 Dec 2022

Female mentoring in firms: an e-solution

Kate McMahon and Tamlyn Edmonds examine e-mentoring for women in law

06 Dec 2022

New SRA sexual misconduct guidance

Zahra Awaiz-Bilal reviews the effect of new SRA guidance on employers and employees

01 Nov 2022

Inclusive in a century

The news in 60 seconds

27 Oct 2022

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