Practice Management: Education & Training

Generation gap

The LPC equips young lawyers for the commercial world but leaves them without fully developed family law skills, says Marilyn Stowe as she despairs of her

12 Sep 2011

Singled out

The detention of children should always be the last resort – the courts should not treat young protestors differently, argues Sophi

15 Aug 2011

Public Guardian in second attempt to recruit non-lawyer deputies

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is making a second attempt to replace solicitors as deputies with cheaper lay representatives fro

09 Aug 2011

Natural selection

Aptitude tests for law school applicants could be the objective filter that gives all would-be lawyers equal access to legal education regardless of backgr

18 Jul 2011

Guiding light

The new sentencing guidelines are designed to ensure consistency and transparency, and give equal weight to both harm and culpability, argues Rosalind Camp

20 Jun 2011

Update: licensing

Roy Light reviews the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, appeals in the magistrates’ courts, and the latest books licensing practitioners should

20 Jun 2011

Something for nothing

It's all very shiny and new, yes, but what does this National Pro Bono Centre actually do, asks Russell Conwa

03 May 2011

Update: health and safety

We need education on the Health and Safety Regulations not reform of the law, argues Zahr

24 Jan 2011

Peter Coonan loses conviction review

Peter Coonan has lost his appeal against the 1981 ruling that sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murders of 1

14 Jan 2011

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