Practice Management: Career development

Profile: Moira Gilmour

Moira Gilmour shares with Manju Manglani her experiences in leading Field Fisher Waterhouse through a Europea

30 Mar 2011

Women must overcome their upbringing to become thought leaders

By Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Managing Director, Ecadem

30 Mar 2011

Be a leader: take a vacation

By Jodi Detjen, Professor of Management, Suffol

26 Jan 2011

Effective leadership

Danielle Grant, a director of LeaderShape, discusses how leaders can earn respect an

26 Nov 2010

After Seldon

UK law firms should start reviewing their compulsory retirement policies, says Tina Williams, senior partner of Fo

24 Sep 2010

Herding or leading?

With multiple personalities and professionals to engage in a persuasive vision, law firm leadership can be a sharp learning curve for the new managing p

22 Jun 2010

Leaving a legacy

Beverly Weise, president of Leadership Talent Solutions, suggests how to tackle the topic of retirement for senio

22 Jun 2010

Editor's Letter: Playing to strengths

Manju Manglani asks how far an attractive personality is necessary to secure success as a managin

22 Jun 2010

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