Practice Notes: Road traffic

Head case

It may not be prudent to go without a bicycle helmet, but this does not automatically lead to contributory negligence, says Victori

07 Jul 2006

Battle green

The House of Lords has reversed the Court of Appeal ruling in the Oxfordshire CC v Oxford City Council village green case. Charles Mynors discusses th

30 Jun 2006

Skeleton arguments

Skeleton arguments are gaining such popularity that their drafting has become an essential skill, says Pau

30 Jun 2006

Intext links test

This is a story with company names in it so that we can show intext links

12 Aug 2005

Peace process?

Involved in a mediation for the first time? Don’t panic – with careful planning and a good mediator, it can be a win-win situation, says Pau

18 Jul 2003

Escape clause

When can the courts refuse an application for a civil jury trial? Tony Davies reports on a Court of Appeal decision which clarifies the correc

11 Jul 2003

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