Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Professional negligence

Lessons learned from Gladwin v Bogescu

Jeff Turton warns of a significant impact to parties who are in breach of orders to serve witnes

22 Sep 2017

Conflicts of interest after White & Case

Graham Reid unpicks the reasoning behind the SDT’s decision to issue reportedly its highest ever fine, and looks at the lessons to be learned by othe

08 Sep 2017

The soul of discretion

John Melville-Smith discusses the limits of solicitors’ liability regarding a discretionary trust in the case of Joseph v Farrer &

30 Aug 2017

Leigh Day highlights the SRA’s inconsistent approach to enforcement

Martina Hogg argues that the soon-to-be-launched enforcement consultation must take into account concerns about how the regulator handles SD

07 Aug 2017

Knowledge is power

In the wake of a significant decision in Halsall, is time running out on claims against tax advisers, asks Alasdai

19 Jul 2017

A whirlwind six months

Georgina Squire reflects on the groundbreaking judgments and procedural changes litigators have had to get to grips with and looks ahead to the possible im

05 Jul 2017

Standard of proof in the spotlight

Following the SRA’s case against Leigh Day, is it time for the SDT to rethink its use of the criminal standard of proof, asks Iai

05 Jul 2017

The dangers of ground rent clauses

Sarah Clover and Tony Nurse-Marsh set out the latest developments for conveyancing solicitors and highlight the steps that can be taken in the event of a c

03 Jul 2017

What next for solicitors’ professional indemnity?

Results of the general election and Brexit negotiations may lead to volatile times ahead, as well as trigger an increase in claims, suggests Julia

03 Jul 2017

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